Bale Structures

Bales can be made and used in many differing ways, here are just a few of how they've been used before.

Previous setups

Our specialist delivery staff will assist you in making the shapes below, all you need to do is ask.


  • Large Bale Sofa Shape (seats upto 6 people) 
  • Small Bale Sofa Shape (seats 2 people)
  • Walls
  • Sound Barriers
  • Words, Letters, Numbers and Shapes (made with Bales)


Why not check out our online booking system to see all the details, pictures and prices! 


We price the ideas to the left as pack prices to make ordering easy, below are listed the relevant prices.

  • Large Bale Sofa £55
  • Small Bale Sofa £38.50
  • Walls £ Price dependant on size
  • Sound Barriers £ Price dependant on size
  • Words, Letters, Numbers and Shapes £ Price dependant on configuration.

Delivery, collection and vat are all charged extra.

Safety Advice

As with everything in life, bales do have their risks so here is some quick advice.

  1.  Keep the bales away from sources of ignition or heat, this includes smoking, candles and firepits, they are not flameproof.
  2. Ensure you let your venue know you are using bales, you are responsible for them until we've collected them.
  3. Be aware of people climbing on the bales, they can be dangerous from both trips and falls
  4. We can offer a risk assesment template to help with your safety management, it is also worth letting your insurers know you are using bales


"PartyBales service was fantastic and the hay bales were perfect for my client's outdoor chillout area next to their marquee. A bale sofa was also a brilliant backdrop for a Polaroid photobooth. We will definitely recommend PartyBales to clients in the future"

Ella, Surrey Wedding Company

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